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          Zhen Cheng, Ph.D


Prof. Zhen Cheng, PhD

Dr. Cheng is an Associate Professor of Radiology Department, Member of Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford, Bio-X Program, Stanford Cancer Center and Canary Center at Stanford for Early Cancer Detection. Director of Cancer Molecular Imaging Chemistry Laboratory (CMICL). See his profiles at Researcherid and Googlescholar. 

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Molecular imaging is a major component of molecular medicine. It plays important roles in the era of personalized medicine. My lab aims to develop novel molecular imaging techniques and theranostic agents for early diagnosis and treatment severe diseases including cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases.


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A small-molecule dye for NIR-II imaging

The paper entitled, "A small-molecule dye for NIR-II imaging," by Alexander L Antaris, et al. from the Cancer Molecular Imaging Chemistry Lab at MIPS and collaborators was published by Nature Materials. This work reports the first clinical translatable small molecule NIR-II fluorescent dye that can serve as a platform technology and be used in many applications, including in vivo molecular imaging, image-guided surgery and therapy, in vitro cell labelling, diagnosis, bioassays, etc.

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